The Benifits of installing LED lighting

LED lighting has a longer life and lower running costs when compared to traditional lighting


LED Lighting generally has a longer life compared to traditional lighting. This can have a yearly saving on maintenance and running costs. They have a higher efficiency and low power usage when compared to traditional lighting sources.

They have a lower light output as incandescent lighting wastes approximately 90% of their power ion heat with a higher efficiency with some LED’s producing 100 lumen’s of light per watts of electricity. Halogens are approx 10 to 15 lumen’s per watt.

Other benefits include:

  • More robust design normally with no glass to break and no filament to damage.
  • They are environmentally friendly for example they don’t contain toxic material such as mercury vapour found in CFL and last longer which doesn’t emit as much CO2.
  • They run cool enough to install under roof insulation
  • Faster warm up time compared to traditional lights
  • Direct Retrofit is now available for LED Lighting
  • Faster switching time and less likely to be damaged due to on and off cycles.
  • Faster warm up time when compared to traditional lighting
  • Lower infra-red and ultraviolet output which results in a lower fire risk.